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Patient Concerns/Patient Care Representative

Pomerene Hospital strives to resolve concerns and complaints in a timely manner.

Pomerene Hospital's patient representative is here to be your advocate - to communicate your questions or concerns and to help you get prompt answers.

If you have any concerns about patient care or safety, please contact our Patient Care Representative listed below or dial extension 8675 from any Pomerene Hospital phone.

To contact our Patient Care Representative, call

 (330) 674-1584 extension 8675

If your concerns cannot be met at this level, please contact:

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality

PO Box 3620
McKinney, TX 75070
ATTN: Chief Executive Officer

Phone: (512) 661-2813  
Fax: (805) 934- 8588

Ohio Department of Health

246 North High Street  
PO Box 118 
Columbus, OH 43266-0118  

Phone: 800-669-3534

Confidentiality will be maintained, unless otherwise requested.


Accreditation Commission for Healthcare   

139 Weston Oaks Court
Cary, NC 27513

Phone: 919-785-1214
Fax: 919-785-3011


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