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The 5 “W's of Physical Therapy

Pomerene Marketing - Monday, October 05, 2015

What: Physical therapy is a customer service oriented profession that uses evidence based research treatment techniques to work with our patients helping them to return to normal activities.

Where: Pomerene Rehab Services has well trained and caring staff dedicated to listening to our patient’s needs, enabling us to work together to develop a specific program for each individual.

When: Individuals should seek Physical Therapy for any injury, pain or tightness that has caused a loss in range of motion, or is limiting the ability to perform normal daily activities. Physical Therapy is also effective in treating dizziness and loss of balance issues.

Who: Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistants receive extensive education and training before taking a National Licensure test. The Assistants work under the Therapist to assist patients in their journey through the recovery process.

Why: Working with the Therapist, patients are able to improve range of motion limitations, decrease pain, prolong or eliminate surgery. Patients also learn techniques to prevent injuries, or pain from returning in the future.

Before the Evaluation:

The American Physical Therapy Association offers suggestions for preparing for the first therapy visit.

1. Make a list of questions

2.Write down any symptoms (including how often they occur, location, any activity the improved or worsens symptoms, etc.)

3.List all medications

4.Consider bringing a family member along

During the Evaluation:

During the evaluation the therapist will ask many questions, perform a physical examination, help determine goals for therapy, and work with the patient to develop a specific plan to help return to normal desired activity.

After the Evaluation:

The Therapist and the Assistant(s) will help guide patients through the recovery process using education, exercise, and other techniques to both increase activity and prevent future occurrences.

How Pomerene Can Help You:

Pomerene Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive program of rehabilitation services including Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training, and many other disciplines. We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs and busy schedule. Our department utilizes only licensed personnel with years of experience and special certifications ensuring both the latest treatment techniques and quality care. 

Blog Written by: James Creaturo, PTA, Pomerene Rehab Manager 



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