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So, What is a Midwife Anyway?

Pomerene Marketing - Monday, June 08, 2020


What exactly does a Midwife do?

Many people think Midwives only delivery babies… but that isn’t true! Midwives are important members of the women’s health team and can care for female’s puberty through menopause. The word midwife means: “With Woman”. A midwife is someone who walks with women through their reproductive life from puberty through menopause. A few examples of the types of care midwives can give: prenatal care, births, yearly well woman exams, breast exams, pap smears, counseling/education on natural family planning or contraception/birth control, guidance/care for those going through change of life/menopause. They can also treat urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, breast infections and much more!

What do you like most about being a Midwife?

I love caring for women and their families, guiding them through some of the most important and intimate decisions/moments of their lives. It is both an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity care for our ladies and their families.

What do you like best about being a Midwife at Pomerene?

I enjoy caring for members of the local community. I like that our patients have high quality care in a homelike, quiet environment. Our midwives & staff are well versed in natural childbirth as many patients desire this, but we have epidural anesthesia available should a patient want one. We can provide very low intervention care as well as high tech care with multiple interventions if situations necessitate. The diversity of care is challenging, exciting & rewarding. I simply enjoy what I do and the population we care for.

I have worked at Pomerene since 1998. I enjoy working here and can truly say Pomerene is a huge part of my life beyond work. I met my husband in the Emergency Dept while working one night (He’s a firefighter/paramedic), got engaged at work and 3 of my 4 children were born here at Pomerene as well. As a member of the local community for the last 20+ years, Holmes county is my home and I desire to continue caring for those who live here. It is such a neat opportunity to run into patients in the community and be able to share “hello’s” and updates on how they have been since I have seen them last. We have such a great hospital in our community and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. Our small community hospital provides top notch, five-star care.

Who is the Midwifery team?

The midwifery team consists of myself, Barbara Poole, CNM, Carrie Jividen, CNM & Donna Augustine, CNM. It also involves our collaborating physician – Dr. Ibrahim Sozen. He is available to our team, should we have questions/concerns that require a higher level of care. We also work collaboratively with Dr. Jenna Frakowski and other obstetrical providers.

How do you work together with other Women’s Health providers and nurses?

All of the midwives work well together to provide excellent care for our women. We use written, verbal or in person communication between each other to ensure that the best of care is provided. The lines of communication are always open. Suggestions/Ideas are always welcome and we “bounce” ideas/perspective/information off each other frequently. There is a trust among all of us which is very strong and an essential piece of our practice.

What are some bits of advice to relieve pregnancy nausea?

Eat small frequent meals throughout the day, stay away from fried/greasy foods, stick with simple/bland foods. Don’t let yourself get hungry as this can often lead to bouts of nausea/vomiting. Try to eat a snack with protein before going to bed (cottage cheese, cheese/crackers, apple & peanut butter etc.) as this will “stick with you” more through the night and will have you less likely to feel nauseated upon rising in the morning. Keep lemon-lime soda & saltine/soda crackers (important… not butter/ritz type crackers!!!) close by and nibble on those/sip the soda when you first get up in the AM and before rising out of bed. Lastly, if the nausea is causing trouble with your daily activities contact your midwife as there are over the counter & prescription medications/supplements which can help lessen the symptoms.

What are some ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

My favorite go to for back pain in pregnancy is to prevent it!! During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, even how you stand and your center of balance changes. Start early in your pregnancy wearing good supportive shoes, bending at the knees vs. waist to maintain good body mechanics/posture when bending/lifting. Keep your weight balanced on both feet, stand straight and don’t slouch. Establish a routine of getting off your feet at least ½ hour each afternoon with your feet elevated. This will allow your back & legs time to rest, allowing you to return to your work with improved energy/stamina. Heating pads or hot water bottles applied to the sore areas can also be comforting, but watch that they aren’t too hot! Lastly, there a wonderful maternity support belts available should the above suggestions not improve it adequately. Just ask your midwife how to get one.



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