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Prevent "Falls" This Fall Season

Pomerene Marketing - Monday, September 21, 2020


With fall fast approaching with winter on its heels, yard work is looming, as is other household prep for winter. Many of these tasks requiring bending, lifting, reaching and carrying, all of which may put your back into a position where injury may occur. So, whether you are raking leaves, cleaning out your gutters, getting out the Christmas decorations, or winterizing the camper, you may benefit from the following body-mechanics tips and tricks.

1.Use your back brace.

Your abdominals, that is. When preparing to lift, push or pull, first tighten your abdominals. Your abdominal muscles, along with several other muscles are key in stabilizing your spine. When contracted they act as a built in back brace, since they wrap around the front and back of your trunk from your ribs to your pelvis.

2. Lift with your legs.

If you are going to be lifting a heavy object, bend your knees to allow you to get closer to the object. Keeping your knees straight and just bending at the hips and/or back creates a lot of strain on your lower back and creates a greater potential for back pain in the future.

3No playing Twister.

One of the biggest mechanisms of injury in the low back is lifting and twisting. When you are moving an object from one surface to another and walking is not required, try to pivot with your feet, while keeping your spine straight.

4. Phone a Friend.

If you have an object to move that is too heavy, big or bulky for you to move safely, get a friend or family member to help you.

5.Don’t forget to breathe while lifting!

If you currently have back pain, Pomerene Therapy can help! Come see us!




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