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Pomerene Marketing - Tuesday, August 08, 2017


We all want the secret to making fitness and nutrition a life-long, enjoyable journey. All too often it is seen as a form of punishment and something to be dreaded, but what if we could change that? I believe there are many ways to do this, but in this blog post I would like to focus on one particular way you can change your mindset from dreading the gym to truly looking forward to it.

Fun, laughter, warm encouragement: relationship, camaraderie, that extra push when you need it- what if I told you this could be a part of your journey in abundance? What if we turned the gym into a place where you could build relationships and bring out the best in each other instead of a place where you sometimes feel alone in your workout and view it as a task to merely check off your list?

Group Fitness- this is the answer to unlocking all these wonderful things I have described to you. Now I know what you may be thinking, sometimes going into a class can be intimidating and you may feel as if you will be judged for your performance, but I can assure you that almost every group fitness instructor works very hard to create the exact opposite of this. As an instructor myself, my job is to create the most positive, welcoming atmosphere I can possibly construct. And for the most part, that will ring true across the board when it comes to fitness classes- know that the instructor is on your side and their job is to make you feel a part of the fitness family they have created as quickly as possible. And always remember that EVERYONE starts somewhere, never feel ashamed of your starting point, focus on being proud of yourself for deciding to make a change- that is what matters.

Another great perk of joining a fitness class (or classes) is that you have the class instructor to help guide you through your workout. So, if you are new to fitness this is a great way to not only learn some new exercises, but also the correct way to perform them. And lets admit it, having a workout already pre-made by someone for you to do instead of having to create or find one on your own is very convenient to have sometimes as well.

So, with all that being said If you feel as if your journey would benefit from a group fitness class or if you are about to embark on your fitness journey- I would like to warmly encourage you to try a fitness class. And I wouldn’t stop at just one, try out a few that perk your interest and even some that may pull you out of your comfort zone. You will never know until you give it a try and it could possibly be one of the most transformative decisions you make in your journey! Let’s make fitness something that is enjoyable and life giving. I would love for you to find a place where you feel lifted up, pushed to be your best and a place you can come to and be guaranteed to feel better when you leave. Let’s make fitness a maintainable, enjoyable lifestyle for all the years to come. I wish you the best of luck to you in your journey.

Blog written by: Alyssa Lower, Personal Trainer at Pomerene Kinetics



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