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Healthy Feet 101

Pomerene Marketing - Friday, April 03, 2015

Keeping your feet healthy not only keeps you feeling better, it keeps you moving! Most of us do not think much about our feet, until they hurt.

Here are a few little ways you can care for your feet that will have a BIG impact on your overall foot health:

No Bathroom Surgery. With a new blister or ingrown toenail, we often want to treat it ourselves. That is NOT a good idea. We can introduce even more bacteria into a relatively clean area or we can cut our skin, sometimes requiring stitches. Even after all the digging at the problem site, we sometimes still haven’t relieved the initial condition. So put the cutters down, and see the foot doctor!

Perform Daily Foot Checks. This sounds simple, and it is. It is very important for everyone, but especially those with diabetes, decreased sensation in the feet, and those with poor circulation. Simply checking your feet daily can help prevent small problems from potentially becoming larger issues. Look for blisters, splinters, rashes, thick calluses, areas of discoloration, etc.

Follow Up After Injuries. After an injury, such as a sprain or dropping an object on your foot, a follow up at the podiatrist's office is a good idea. Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to walk with a broken foot or ankle and there ARE things that can be done for a broken toe. An assessment with possible x rays can help diagnose a condition that, if left untreated, can result in further damage leading to deformity or arthritis in time.

Live With A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle. This is VERY important for our feet! Your risk of heart disease, obesity, neuropathy, and arterial disease all decrease with a healthy lifestyle. Regular walking and other forms of exercise are beneficial. They help keep bones and muscles strong and encourage good blood flow. Of course, don't forget… No Smoking! Smoking is bad for your feet (yes, it's true) as it can help to clog arteries reducing blood flow to toes. Put down the cigarette, pick up an apple and get moving!

Lace Up The Tennis Shoes. Just as we wear glasses to help our eyes perform better, or helmets to protect our heads, choosing the right shoe for the activity is important for our feet. Well structured tennis shoes should be worn while exercising or walking long distances. Wearing a good pair of New Balance or Saucony tennis shoes during a marathon shopping day will help support our joints, tendons and ligaments. Dress shoes/boots look nice with our new outfits but they aren't doing our feet any favors and should be treated as "sitting shoes."

Just following these simple guidelines can help prevent some of the major foot ailments that will slow you down. So enjoy April -National Foot Health Awareness Month!

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If you or a loved one are in need of foot care, please contact Dr. Nicole Horn

Blog Written by Nicole Horn, D.P.M.  


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