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Have You Made Your Appointments Yet?

Pomerene Marketing - Thursday, April 20, 2017


Spring time is here! The perfect time to check back to your New Year Resolutions and make sure you are staying on track! Are you staying committed to your fitness goals? Are you still keeping sugary drinks out of your refrigerator? If yes, then pat yourself on the back and move forward with your next responsibility to yourself: your yearly exams.

Check your calendar and make sure you are planning to see your Primary Care Provider this year for you physical. Keeping a relationship with your provider is incredibly important to make sure you are aware of your health and most of all, preventing illness. While your calendar is out, make sure you have your Dentist visit planned and any other preventative health screenings that are suggested for someone your age and gender. Please refer to the list below and make sure you are staying on track for a healthier and happier you.

Preventive Testing Guidelines

This chart does not take individual health risks into consideration. Depending on your risk factors, your doctor may recommend more frequent or additional screenings. These recommendations are based on current guidelines from the USPSTF, NIH, and CDC. Your individual plan coverage may vary.

Preventive Test Recommendation
Heart Health Blood Pressure Men & Women: Every 2 Years
  Cholesterol Men 35 and Older: Annually
    Women 45 and Older: Annually
Diabetes Screening FBG, Oral Glucose, Tolerance Test, or A1C Men & Women: 18 and Older at risk for developing diabetes
Cancer Screenings Mammogram Women 50 to 74: Every 2 Years
  Pap Smear Women 21 to 65: Every 3 Years
  Colorectal Screening Men & Women 50 and Older: As Advised by a Physician
Physical Exams Men/Women 18-39 Every 5-10 Years
  Men/Women 40-64 Every 1-2 Years
  Men/Women 65+ Annually
Immunizations Flu Annually
  Pneumonia Men & Women age 18 and older: Once as recommended by physician
Other Dental Exam Annually
  Eye Exam As recommended



Blog Written By: Tara Martin, Wellness Coordinator at Pomerene Hospital


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