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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Have You Had Your Mammogram?

Pomerene Events - Thursday, October 09, 2014

What is there to know about breast cancer?

Has breast cancer affected your life? With almost 3 million women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer today, chances are your mother, daughter, sister, or friend has or will have breast cancer sometime in their life. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), 1 out of every 8 women will develop breast cancer (12%). Approximately 1 out of 36 (3%) women will die from breast cancer, making it the second most deadly cancer among women.
The risk of dying from breast cancer can be greatly decreased by having an annual mammogram and performing self breast exams. Cancers are easier to treat when found at an early stage. The best tool for finding breast cancer at these earlier stages is having an annual screening mammogram.

Recommendations for women without breast symptoms are listed below:

• Clinical breast exams by a health professional should begin at age 20, and is recommended at least every 3 years.
• At age 40, women should begin having clinical breast exams yearly, along with an annual mammogram, and continue   having them every year while in good health.
• Women at high risk, such as family history, prior radiation therapy to the chest, or known genetic mutations, should consider additional imaging with the recommendation of a health professional.

Prevention of breast cancer includes:

• Healthy diets
• Increased Vitamin D and fiber
• Moderate exercise
• Decreased alcohol consumption

Pomerene Can Help You!

We at Pomerene, would like to encourage you, your friends and family, to take a stand against breast cancer and have an annual mammogram. Our digital technology gives us great imaging detail for the radiologist to interpret, which includes CAD (computer-aided detection) that assist the radiologist during mammography interpretation.  Our mammography services also include screening and diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, breast MRI, and biopsy techniques.

The staff at Pomerene is part of the “Go-Soft Campaign”, which means we make the exam as comfortable as possible by using a soft pad on the mammography unit. During the month of October, Pomerene offers a $20 savings on mammogram testing when you schedule a mammogram. There’s no better time to have a mammogram than during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Set Up Your Mammogram Today

For more information about out mammography services please call Pomerene Hospital Radiology at 330-674-1584 extension 4124 or visit our Mammography Services page.


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