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Add Color on a Budget

Pomerene Marketing - Monday, June 01, 2020


Are you a fan of produce but concerned about the cost? You are not alone! No need to fret because below are some tips for you to enjoy fruit and vegetables without breaking the bank AND make you feel so much better after eating them!


  • #AddColor by keeping it seasonal – stick with buying produce during its season to avoid over-spending.

  • #AddColor by buying local – this goes along with buying seasonal produce. Local orchards, markets, and greenhouses are stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown primarily within that specific season, and often grown right in your hometown!

  • #AddColor by re-purposing your aging produce – are your bananas or apples bruised? No need to throw them out! Bruised or aging fruits and vegetables can be great for smoothies, breads, soups, sauces, jams, etc. Throwing away food is throwing away money- the less you do, the better!

  • #AddColor by trying alternative options – Canned, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables are great ways to still get the nutrients of the food, without having to spend as much. Be sure to check the label for added sodium and sugars that are not necessary!

  • #AddColor by trying a garden – Be in control of the produce you enjoy and try building a garden! Though it requires a lot of work, it saves a ton of money! Start small and “grow” from there 😉

Jackie Genetin, RDN, LD


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