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7 Foods to Fight Heart Disease

Pomerene Marketing - Wednesday, February 18, 2015

 Let’s face it; we all LOVE to eat! As youngsters, love of food was more about flavor.But as we age; we are faced with the fact that to maintain good health, food must not only taste good, but must also nourish our bodies (which includes our hearts) , as well.The root cause of heart disease includes a multitude of factors. Heart healthy eating, however, is at the center of improving cardiac risk, and/or progression of heart disease.

Consequently, one of the manageable things we can do to decrease heart disease risk is to make dietary alterations which include increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and decrease foods high in simple sugars, salt, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Below are some dietary interventions which may assist you in improving daily intake.

1)Yogurt- left unchecked gum disease can increase risk of heart disease.Fermented foods such as yogurt help to normalize the flora in the mouth and gut, keeping microbes in check.

2)Whole grains – contain fiber from bran.Studies have shown that increasing fiber in the daily diet can lower cholesterol levels, thus decreasing heart disease risk.

3)Nuts; such as walnuts, almonds, and macadamias provide monounsaturated fats, which tend to help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

4)Salmon/fatty fish eaten at least once a week,provide Omega 3 fats,which are beneficial in normalizing the lipid profile

5)Dark chocolate (yes, I said chocolate!) helps boost the immune system by reducing inflammation.

6)Beans are full of soluable fiber which attaches to, and helps carry extra cholesterol out of the body.

7)Tomatoes contain a concentration of antioxidants (lycopene) and vitamins/minerals (vit A, vit C, Potassium) which all aid in reducing inflammation and maintaining integrity of tissues.


Blog Written by Carol Denbow, RD, LD


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