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Can my family/friends access the information found on my Portal?
  • Yes, but only after you have given permission. As a patient of PH, you can choose to give an authorized representative access to specific hospital visits. You will be asked this information during the admission process.
Do I need special equipment?
  • No. All you need is access to a computer, an email account that matches the one provided during hospital registration and an internet connection.
How do I access the Patient Portal once I have completed the invitation/account set-up process?
  • For future visits to Pomerene Hospital's (PH's) Portal AFTER you have completed the initial set-up process, you can log in at: Use this link after you have received a portal invite and completed the sign-up process.
How do I setup my account?
  •  Step-by-step instructions on how to set up an account are included on the Patient Portal homepage. Once you have entered your information and have been prompted to create a username and password, you will only need your username and password to sign into your Patient Portal in the future.
What if I have questions about my medical record?
  • If you have questions regarding your medical record, please contact your physician/caregiver. If you feel an error has been made, please contact Pomerene Hospital's Health Information Department at (330) 674-1584 extension 4147.
What is the Patient Portal?
  •  The Pomerene Hospital Patient Portal is an online health management tool that includes a summary of clinical data from your recent stay at Pomerene Hospital. The clinical data provided on the Patient Portal includes:
    • Test Results
    • Medications
    • Allergies
    • Immunizations
    • Health Issues
  • The Patient Portal will have information available regarding your most recent Inpatient or Observations stay. Going forward, additional enhancements may be implemented and more information will be able to be viewed.
Who should I contact if I have trouble logging in or accessing the Patient Portal?
  • If you have trouble logging in or accessing PH's Patient Portal, contact Pomerene Hospital at (330) 674-1015 or email questions to
Will I receive emails after each admission to the hospital?
  • No. After each admission to the hospital, a new summary of care document will automatically post to your patient portal. You may access the document any time after you are discharged. Once the initial email has been sent, the patient or authorized representative will not be sent new emails with each visit.

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