Outreach Screenings

Pomerene Hospital offers affordable, popular health screenings to the residents of Holmes County and surrounding areas. Offering low-cost health screenings is just another way we continue to carry out our mission of Caring for Our Community's Health.

For more information, call  (330) 674-1584 extension 1764

Time and Location of Our Screenings


Screening Information

Tier 1

Blood Pressure                        


Blood Sugar                        


Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)          


PSA (Prostate Cancer)  


Hemoglobin A1C                       


Thyroid Panel                           


Liver Panel                                 


Ovarian Cancer (CA 125)         


Breast Cancer (CA 15-3)          


Gastrointestinal Cancer (CA 19-9)   


Tier 2: Doctor’s Order Required

CBC (Complete Blood Count)               


CMP (Complete Metabolic Panel)      




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