Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included With "Family Size"?

Family size includes the patient, patient's spouse whether they reside in the home or not, and ALL of the patient's children, natural or adopted under the age of 18. Grandparents, step-parents, and legal guardians are not considered part of a minor patient's "family". They must be related by birth or formal adoption in order to be considered. Both parents should be counted if the child is the patient, even if only one of them has been granted responsibility. Siblings who reside in the home can only be counted in the family size.

What Is Considered "Income"?

Income would be considered as anything made from:

Who is Eligible for PHCC?

Residents of Holmes County Who:

What Services are Covered Under PHCC?

Only medically necessary and emergency health care services are covered.

If I Receive a Discount Off My Bill From PHCC, How Do I Set Up Payments For My Balance?

Once your application has been processed, you must immediately set up payments for the balance, no longer than 10 days after notification. You can do so by contacting the Financial Counselor at (330) 674-1574, extension 1163 or the Billing Office at (330) 674-1584, extension 1744.


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