Emergency Care


In a life-threatening emergency  Dial 911 for an ambulance.

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of distressing and life-threatening conditions as rapidly and effectively as possible.  

Every day, we treat people with a variety of emergency situations, including:

Information for Our Patient and Their Families

The entire Emergency Department staff at Pomerene Hospital - physicians and nurses - is committed to continuing improvement and providing excellent care to the patients of the Emergency Department.

Who We Are

The Emergency Services Department at Pomerene Hospital includes a 24-hour Emergency Department. Physician care is provided by the Pomerene Emergency Physicians group (PEP), and specialty consultation is available. Pomerene also has lab imaging and advanced diagnostics available 24/7.

Transferring To Another Campus

There may be times when we need to transfer you to another hospital.  This is always done in your best interest to provide the proper care in a timely fashion.


Triage is the process by which our emergency department personnel determine the overall condition of the patients entering the Emergency Department. Following this evaluation, as a patient, you will then receive the proper care, always as rapidly as possible. While Pomerene strives to keep waiting time to a minimum for all emergency department patients, the most crucial patients must be seen first. Triage is why some patients see a physician more quickly.


If you are placed in the waiting room, we apologize for this inconvenience, but please be assured you will receive the proper care and medical attention as the patients currently being treated.

If you are in our waiting room waiting to be brought back into the treatment room areas, and you feel that you must leave before the doctor can see you, please see the nursing staff and tell them your concern.


When you are dismissed from the Emergency Department, you will receive a copy of your discharge instructions on how to take care of your illness/injury at home. Please review them and ask questions if needed.



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