At Pomerene, we strive to create an environment where employees feel appreciated and supported. We are committed to providing opportunities for growth, through training and career advancement.

Here are some things our employees are saying about Pomerene:

"I like the variation my job offers. Every day I get to do something different which challenges me to adapt. These challenges are fun to complete and it's rewarding to know that i am contributing to patient care.

 -Caleb Baker

"My peers are more like family to me since i have worked here for 28 years. Although new employees are becoming more evident as my work years increase, I still feel like everyone working here is part of a community who work together for the good health and care of our patients. I consider my co-workers also as my friends."  

-Deb Burch

"The most rewarding experience I will ever have, whether that is today, or at the end of my career, will always be caring for those patients and their families that are passing away. I feel that I was guided into my career as a nurse to be the anchor and solid rock at these most vulnerable times in a family's life and have a great sense of accomplishment each time I can comfort them."

 -Renee Conkle

"My peers at Pomerene are the reason I love my job. We strive to work together as a team to provide excellent care for our patients. Having this "I've got your back" relationship makes us feel like family."

-Layla Gause

 "Pomerene is tight-knit and family-like. Everyone knows each other and when our CEO knows our names and starts small talk with us in the hallways and cafeteria that embodies our culture. We all work as a team and share our accomplishments through so many venues which radiates our culture of positivity and our dedication to our mission as an organization."

 -Jason Hoxworth

"I feel like my ideas really matter. I came to Pomerene as a new nurse, and I really felt like the hospital and its leadership took the time not only to get to know me, but to invest in my future. I have had opportunities here that I don't believe I would have gotten at a larger hospital. In a large hospital it is easy to become one of the nameless masses, but at Pomerene I really feel like I matter."

-Heather Martell

"Pomerene goes above and beyond your typical health care facility. Each department plays a vital role in caring for our communities needs while demonstrating understanding and compassion."

-Melissa McElroy

 "Helping others and people in an unfamiliar atmosphere has been a rewarding job to me. Often times patients and/or family come in unsure of where to go, greeting them with a friendly smile and helping make their day a little easier is always rewarding."

 -Robert Porter

"My favorite aspect of my job is helping others reduce pain and return to their full potential and activities that they love. Most times, my clients come to their first day of therapy with the fear of pain; but almost always leave feeling confident and full of hope that therapy is going to get them back to enjoying their life again."   

-Karli Stroud


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